Glitz. Glam.  Fast and Furious. Something for the boys and the girls. There’s no guessing why equestrian polo has been labelled the “sport of kings”. Polo is unlike any other sport you’ve ever watched. Players are mounted on horseback, travelling at intense speeds across a field that is 270x150m. The aim is to score against the opposing team by sending a ball about the size of a baseball through the goals with a mallet all whilst the opposing team tries to prevent it. Polo is a fast-paced, intense and thrilling full contact sport. Whether you’re a first time spectator or a longtime fan, polo will always leave you with goosebumps.

But if the thrill of the game isn’t enough to get you to the sidelines, then RUSCO has exactly what you need for that little extra encouragement.

This year, on Sunday the 20th of August, world class players will compete for the coveted CELL C Inanda Africa Cup, and you’ll be able to see the action unfold from our prestigious SKYY POLO LOUNGE. We’re bringing our polo lounge that has hosted you in first class style at the BMW International series to the INANDA AFRICA CUP, giving you another opportunity to watch world class polo in the same style and luxury you’ve enjoyed at the Waterfall Estate, at the Inanda Club.

You’ll get all the same 5-star benefits and facilities as with all our previous SKYY POLO LOUNGES.  Private complimentary bars in-lounge, a private viewing area, all day catering, security, luxury VIP trailer toilets and of course background ambient music throughout the day.  All packages include VIP on-field parking, exclusive entrance into the polo lounge, entry tickets to the event after party kicking off from 17h00 to 21h00 and entertainment.

If you’re looking for the perfect Sunday out, catching a little fresh air in the lap of luxury, then delve into the ultimate glitz and glam at this year’s CELL C Inanda Africa Cup and SKYY POLO LOUNGE with RUSCO.

For available packages and bookings contact Spha at