About This Project

Every year, on the last Saturday of January, the rich, the famous, and the well-dressed gather together for the J&B/Sun Met – South Africa’s most prestigious sporting event. Pegasus Lounge is the ultimate luxury hospitality lounge at the J&B/Sun Met, it comes complete with a full complimentary bar, plasma screen TVs, and a veritable bevy of hostesses, waitresses, and bartenders to wait on you hand and foot. You will Feel like royalty, as you’re served canapés, a sumptuous lunch buffet, plus dessert and a cheeseboard.

Modern and slick, but not lacking in comfort or laid-back atmosphere, the Pegasus Lounge is the ultimate way to experience the J&B Met. With private viewing balconies, as well as a constant stream of the live racing feed, you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of being at the races without the discomfort of standing in the sun.

The VIP package include:

• On-field parking
• Entrance to the Kenilworth Racecourse
• Entrance to the Pegasus Lounge
• A three-course buffet lunch
• Complimentary drinks between 11.00 and 22.00
• Private bathrooms
• Race cards

Once you have experienced the Pegasus Lounge you know that there is no going back, delicious food, five star service, exquisite décor and all round VIP treatment combine to make an experience which can be topped only by your next Rusco event.

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